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Customer service and experience consulting

Offer more than a great service.

Create experiences that make your customers crave more.

A silly sliced pineapple sticking its tongue out
A stressed out, frustrated pineapple pulling it's fronds out

Being good at what you do isn't enough anymore.

You're tired of:

  • "Your services are too expensive!"

  • Hearing crickets when you ask for reviews and referrals 🦗🦗

  • Avoiding your inbox like the plague

In a market of apples, be a pineapple.

Nurture strong roots

Personalized, empathetic customer service sparks:

"I can trust you."

Pineapple emoji
Earn your crown


Meaningful experiences make customers think:

"You get me!"

Crown emoji
Make them talk

Give them a Flavor Bomb moment to make them think:

"I'm referring you!"

Bomb emoji
These things don't happen by accident, they happen by design.

The Five Pineapples design process is three steps.

Get the lay
of your land


We'll audit your situation so we can focus on changes that bring in $$$$.


Design your framework

Design the framework so you know what to do each step of your customers' journey.


Enjoy the fruits
of your labor

Roll it out and watch the customers roll in (again and again and again).

Pineapple character laying down, staring sweetly

Let's talk

Been there, done that, got the tank top.

Hey, I'm Amber!

I’ve spent the last twenty years in customer-facing roles - From retail management and personal training to business consulting.

In every job, there is one thing I became known for - creating memorable customer experiences that kept customers coming back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve messed up plenty too. I’ve totally -

✅ Rage wrote email responses and regretted it.

✅ Had tons of cool customer experience ideas that never went anywhere

✅ Questioned myself when customers didn't tell everyone about my business

But here’s what I figured out:


You can’t wing your customer experience. You have to design it.


So let’s do that. Let’s design your customer service processes and customer experiences together.

GIF of Amber Reynolds tapping head with crown

I mean, basically, it's...

Blonde woman emoji


Usually happier

Customer experience design pro


Heart hands emoji

Customers asking

"Where have you been all my life?"


Personal service  solopreneur seeking loyal, repeat customers

Pointing at you emoji

Nice things people have said:

Text comment from Facebook

Pick your path forward

I'm a Lone Pineapple

Who it's for:

You're a self starter who just needs to be pointed in the right direction, this is for you.

  • The Complete Workshop:
    Everything you need to know to create your own Five Pineapples Experience.


  • Phone a Friend:
    If you get stuck or want feedback, you have a 1-hour consulting call to use.


  • Speedy Process:
    You'll have 16 weeks to complete the workshop.

I Play Well With Others

Who it's for:

If positive peer pressure keeps you moving, and interacting with others fires you up, you belong here.

  • Collaborative Learning:
    Join forces with diverse business owners for fresh perspectives.


  • Ongoing Feedback:
    Receive continuous guidance to refine and perfect your strategies.


  • Speedy process:
    You'll have your foundations built in 16 weeks


I'm a VIP*

Who it's for:

If you like personalized attention or need extra hand-holding, the VIP* Treatment is for you.

  • Personal Tour Guide:
    I'm here to guide you the whole way, provide support, and focus on what matters.


  • Co-Research:
    More effective research when done with a fresh set of eyes.


  • Tune-Ups:
    Regular audits to ensure every experience is as effective as possible.

*Very Important Pineapple

Super confused pineapple scratching it's head
  • What is a Five Pineapples Experience?
    A Five Pineapples Experience is a rating you strive to achieve. A 5-star review says you’ve met customer expectations. A Five Pineapples Experience is how you make your customers feel. In short, it makes your customers say, “Holy shit. That was awesome. I need to tell everyone I know.” And you do that by deeply understanding your customers and tailoring what you do around that.
  • What's the difference between customer service and customer experience?
    While customer service can fall under the umbrella of customer experience, I see them differently. Customer service is the technical way you take care of your customers. Customer experience is what you do to make your customers feel a certain way. If you want to retain and attract customers - Know what they want, need, the feeling they're looking for, and add your flavor bomb to take it to the next level.
  • What's a "Flavor Bomb"?
    If you want customers to spread the word about you, you need to drop a Flavor Bomb. This is your signature moment that every customer gets to experience with you. Where The DoubleTree by Hilton gives out cookies and Zunzi’s shouts “Shit yeah!” every time you place a food order, you need your own thing that makes customers talk.
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