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A pineapple as a ring leader with a whip

In the personal service solopreneur world, you are a unique breed.

You love being of service.

So much so that you're a little all over the place.

Late night responses, delivering services outside of normal hours, and bending over backwards because you want customers to have a good experience.

And if you're being honest, it's also because you're a little terrified of a less than perfect review.

It all feels like a circus most days, but it’s your circus damn it. You love your flying monkeys.  

You just sorta wished they'd fly in formation.

My Journey To The Yellow Pineapple Path

On paper, I've worked a lot of different jobs.

Everything from retail management to helping coaches build their businesses over the last 6 years. Plus a lot of interesting jobs in between.

In reality, they've all been the same job: manage the chaos and take such good care of customers that they keep coming back.

It's a balancing act. There's an art to delivering services that not only meet expectations but also set a new standard without letting customers run over you.

The trick is to build and plan with a blend of empathy, creativity, and clear boundaries.

I built Five Pineapples Consulting for my fellow overthinkers, the anxious, the people-pleasers—the personal service solopreneurs who are passionate about the service they offer but struggle to make customers stick and spread the word.

I believe in creating Five Pineapple Experiences that dazzle without demanding the impossible. It's about exceeding expectations while safeguarding your peace of mind and respecting your limits.

Yes, you can have it all, and I'm here to show you how.

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You may know me from:
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Program Director for the
Online Trainer Academy

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Presenter at the

Activate Conference '22

A happy pineapple waving hi

My Phil•osophy

Meet Phil, the company mascot.

His name is short for Philophrosyne (feel-aw-fraw-seen-ee) meaning "friendly-minded".

Philophrosyne was the spirit of welcome, friendliness, and kindness in Greek mythology. She was one of the four younger Charities.

Phil represents the company's spirit: friendly, fun, bright, and quirky.

Our goal is to always channel our inner Phil.

Why Pineapples?

Businesses are traditionally rated on a star based system that goes up to five stars. To me, a five star review simply means you've met customer expectations.


Stars are the golf clap of ratings.


Five stars don't create loyal customers. A Five Pineapples Experience will, though. You earn five pineapples by creating a customer experience, so mind-blowing awesome, thoughtful, and unique that they can't help to tell their friends all about you.


Pineapples also represents hospitality, welcome, and celebration. Yellow is also my favorite color. And as you'll learn, I can't let a good theme go, so I really hope you like pineapples.

A pineapple playing golf
  • What is a Five Pineapples Experience?
    A Five Pineapples Experience is a rating you strive to achieve. A 5-star review says you’ve met customer expectations. A Five Pineapples Experience is how you make your customers feel. In short, it makes your customers say, “Holy shit. That was awesome. I need to tell everyone I know.” And you do that by deeply understanding your customers and tailoring what you do around that.
  • What's the difference between customer service and customer experience?
    While customer service can fall under the umbrella of customer experience, I see them differently. Customer service is the technical way you take care of your customers. Customer experience is what you do to make your customers feel a certain way. If you want to retain and attract customers - Know what they want, need, the feeling they're looking for, and add your flavor bomb to take it to the next level.
  • What's a "Flavor Bomb"?
    If you want customers to spread the word about you, you need to drop a Flavor Bomb. This is your signature moment that every customer gets to experience with you. Where The DoubleTree by Hilton gives out cookies and Zunzi’s shouts “Shit yeah!” every time you place a food order, you need your own thing that makes customers talk.
A question I know you're thinking and a dad joke.
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